Half Right

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Half Right

I was recently sent this picture as a joke and it is rather funny.

Humor aside, it does point out a trend I’ve noticed as of late. Half-truths.

The idea behind a half-truth is simple. Armed with half the story or half the understanding, we can sometimes fill in the other half with made-up assumptions or facts that might apply to something else.

The key to these half-truths is there’s just enough right to have them make sense, yet they are in the end, as false as if there was no understanding.

Take for example digital upsampling. We get the information that a 44.1kHz file has been upsampled to 176kHz and sounds better. That’s the factual part. To then assume there is more information in the higher sample rate file than the original is where the half-truth comes in.

Yes, it sounds better, but not because there’s more information.

We were half right.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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