Grab your picnic lunch

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Grab your picnic lunch
Sometimes it's helpful to get prepared before an event. If we're going to the big concert, we need to figure out what to wear, what the weather's going to be like, and decide if earplugs are needed. Certainly we'll want to bring our cameras or phones. Audiophile Day is coming! Yup, bet you didn't even know. On Wednesday, October 2nd, the world will officially recognize and celebrate audiophiles! Who knew? Audiophile Day was founded in 2016. What have we planned? That's the day we're going to launch the biggest free upgrade to DirectStream DAC yet, Windom. I just finished working with Scott McGowan and Darren Myers on the final voicing of Ted Smith's new masterpiece upgrade. Holy crap! Windom is more than just a bit better, it smokes Snowmass. It's a whole new DAC - again. I can't wait to share this amazing new upgrade for DirectStream and DSJ owners. And a reminder, this is a free upgrade. If your DAC doesn't get free upgrades… Stay tuned for Audiophile Day.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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