Audio sunglasses

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Audio sunglasses

If you have to squint your eyes to avoid a flash of glare, you can fix the problem with sunglasses.

It's not quite so easy in audio.

That bit of harsh bark in someone's voice, the bite of the loudest part of the electric guitar riff, or the crash of a cymbal can sometimes make you wince.

There aren't any audio sunglasses but you can make changes to the equipment or software to fix the problem.

The elements within the audio chain that are sometimes responsible for eliciting audio glare include cables, AC power, amplifier and preamplifier designs, and digital audio products.

In fact, I can't think of much in our audio systems that don't help/hurt the amount of audio glare.

It is fixable, but the steps you need to take to identify the culprit can sometimes be daunting.

One piece of advice to maybe help. Do your best, through the process of elimination, to identify the area it's coming from.

If the glare is consistent with volume peaks, you can assume it's in either your power amplifier (likely), or speakers (unlikely).

If it's consistent with program material, it's more probable that it is in either your source or your low level playback system (before the power amplifier).

Hope that helps.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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