Getting the itch

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Getting the itch

I am not alone getting the itch to upgrade. Plenty of folks email me expressing that same feeling and wondering what their next purchase should be.

I'll go for months before I get antsy to try something new, but inevitably, the itch pops up and I look around to scratch it.

I wonder what's behind those desires.

Are we simply bitten by the bug or is there a larger underlying reason? In my case, the new expands my reach and brings me deeper into the technological fold—a place I thoroughly enjoy being in. I know this because it's not only stereos that give me the itch to try something new.

On a recent business trip, my Lyft app asked if I would be willing to ride in an automated driverless car. Are you kidding me? How quickly can I press the button that shouts "hell yes!"? I can't think of anything more exciting. My only disappointment was the arrival of a boring Subaru instead.

The itch for new strikes more than just me. Are you looking to scratch it as well?

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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