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In a few days it's again setup time. The Colorado Audio Society is hosting the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and we're attending. Day one is always a challenge. The truck's loaded and ready to roll at 7am; early enough to arrive before the main onslaught. Hundreds of fellow exhibitors have the same idea, though we've learned not too many show up early.

An entire set of rooms must be hauled up hotel elevators: showroom, living room, conference room, listening room. And regardless of proximity, everything is packed in boxes, shipped by truck or FedEx, unboxed, set up, the room decorated, tuned, and done by dinner–if we're lucky.

My wife Terri's in charge of everything but speaker placement and sound quality. This year we're playing the YG loudspeakers–the big ones–and they are new to me. I've heard them at YG Audio on BHK electronics. Setting them up in a hotel room in a few hours will be interesting. It took me several years to get Music Room One sounding right. This week I have less than a day.

We will be unveiling the BHK preamplifier. It's first public outing, and we hope the prototype proves itself as it has in the Music Room.

Come by and say hello if you're in town.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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