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I was honored to be a participant on TAS Editor Robert Harley's panel, Legends. To sit amongst audio luminaries Richard Vandersteen, Bob Stuart, and John Curl was a real treat. And fun too.

One of the audience questions was a great one. "What magic words can I use to help friends understand we can hear more than we can measure?"

There aren't any.

If someone has their mind made up about anything—politics, religion, human measurement vs. machine measurement—you'll not change their mind one whit.

But that doesn't mean it's hopeless.

We learn when desire and curiosity are at their peak. Even the most ardent measurementist will grow curious when she hears an extraordinary sound system beyond expectations. She will want to know why, and that's when learning can occur.

Be generous sharing your system with neighbors, friends, family and coworkers. Expect nothing in return but perhaps a smile.

Every once in a while your generosity will be rewarded with a question—a thirst for knowledge—inspired by the experience.

That's when the miracle of change happens.

Be gentle; be kind; be generous.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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