From witchcraft to understanding

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From witchcraft to understanding

I often get notes from folks exclaiming that what we as audiophiles do seems like witchcraft to them. That the idea of three dimensional sound detached from the speakers is akin to magic.

And then we show them how it is done through the use of quality components and careful setup.

We've gone from witchcraft to understanding.

This is very different than exposing the magician's secrets. When we learn how a magic trick works we're often left feeling disappointed.

It was the mystery that excited us.

When we learn how to set up a system so it disappears the opposite happens. Instead of feeling let down by the secret's reveal, we're elated to be able to magnify our new skills to achieve higher levels of enjoyment.

Sharing your knowledge to remove the stigma of witchcraft is in service of great music and amazing stereo systems.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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