Foxes and hen houses

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Foxes and hen houses

There's plenty of good evidence that if we were to permit a fox to guard the proverbial henhouse that very shortly thereafter we'd have an empty house.

Perhaps it's the same as expecting members of Congress to vote for term limits in an effort to break up the powerful dynasties that inevitably occur. After all, that would put them all out of work. Few people are willing to vote themselves out of a job.

I suspect yesterday's post about an industry-wide measurement standard was perhaps in the same vein. If there truly was a way for us to measure that which we hear, there might be great risk for many. Better to leave well enough alone.

Add to that the inevitable complications: what type of signal would be required? Is any test foolproof? Is it actually possible to measure what in the end turns out to be emotional stimulus?

And lastly, to what end?

I know the post set a few hairs on fire and that's alright. I think it's important to try these mental exercises to see the "what if" possibilities.

The deeper we can dig the better potential for uncovering buried treasure.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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