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I am aware that many of our readers find home networking a foreign, overly complicated concept and hope perhaps someday the need for the network will just go away.

It will not.

Networks are becoming more commonplace every day and that's a good thing. Remember that as something becomes ingrained into our society it gets easier to use.

Think of a network like the phone. It wasn't too long ago that phones were introduced and the phone network was something complex and hard to manage: the operator had to place long distance calls for you. Now we call anywhere in the world without a thought, over the network. Originally, each home had one phone and adding a second was an expensive ordeal. Now every room has a phone connector tied into the home's phone network.

Next came the TV network. For years we watched TV from signals broadcast through the air. Then cable TV network arrived and before you know it, the single cable outlet in the home became a cable outlet in every room, thus forming a home network connected to the cable network.

Even closer to home, your family and friends form networks.

Data networks through the home will be commonplace within a very short period of time. Streaming music over that network will be commonplace as well.

Beyond home networks is the biggest network of them all, the internet which connects all the home networks together. Streaming music over the big network will follow the home network revolution - allowing all of us to share high resolution audio anywhere in the world.

No longer will we be concerned with storage and library size - not once the entire library of recorded music is available to anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world.

Making sure we keep sight of maintaining high quality music streaming is the responsibility of the high-end community and those reading this post.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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