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Fear Of Missing Out. Yes, there's a new acronym in town and one that seems to be applicable here at CES. Today's my last day in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show and just about every manufacturer I speak to asks me the same question: "Why is everyone so anxious about DSD in their DACS?"

It's not like there's an overwhelming amount of music available in DSD just waiting to be played. In fact, there's not a lot. Sure, some folks have it available for download. Sure, most of my readers know I think DSD is the better of the formats in digital audio and recording. Sure, I think new DACS should have it available. But to get obsessed with it right now? Why? How many pieces of DSD music do you actually own? I think I have a total of about ten loaded onto my computer.

Fear Of Missing Out is a powerful motivator in any field. Whether we want or need something doesn't always enter into the equation. What does get in is that we don't want to miss out on the latest technology or the newest thing. I am not suggesting that's a bad thing, heck I fall into that trap as well.

Just an observation.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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