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I was reminded by one of our commenters to these posts about an era in audio I think of as the flavor of the month. It was a period of time in the 1970's and early 1980's that found loudspeaker and audio electronic manufacturers designing products that were not especially true to the music.

No, in fact these products were tailored to meet the perceived needs of "ordinary people" who probably didn't want music - they wanted sizzle and flash.

I remember well one CES where an (unnamed) loudspeaker manufacturer demonstrated their entire line of these speakers with a Telarc recording of a 747 jet passing overhead. You know what? They sold a lot of speakers. The pitch was: "if it can reproduce the sound of a jet thundering overhead, just think what it can do for your favorite music".

I am happy to report that we've managed to mature out of this era and most manufacturers aren't selling sizzle and flash, they're honestly trying to reproduce music or theater as if it were live.

As a certain commercial back then said "We've come a long way baby".


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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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