Fix It In Pre

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Fix It In Pre

My wife Terri is working on getting a sign made for Octave Studios that reads like today’s post’s headline.

Fix it in pre: a takeoff on the infamous fix it in post.

We will clean that mess up later.

While it might work in film, it rarely applies well in high-end audio recording. I think of it as the same problem we face in the reproduction chain. If you can’t get a perfect musical signal from the source, all the EQ, and enhancement tricks aren’t going to give you what you ultimately want.


The more time spent choosing the best microphone and placing it in the perfect spot, the better one’s chances of capturing magic.

As in many of life’s endeavors, getting it perfected in the beginning is almost always better than covering it later with a Band-Aid.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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