First time

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First time

I received a wonderfully stimulating question from another 70+ fellow wondering why listening to classics from his youth didn't stimulate him in the same way as back then.

The equipment? The pot? The age? The newness?

I too remember with great fondness listening for the first time to Moody Blues or Zepplin. How very different they sounded in the 70s than they do today. Back then it was a revelation—sound and music like I had never heard before, evoking emotions I hadn't yet experienced.

Was it the equipment of years ago? Heck no. It was pretty bad stuff, but back then what did it matter?

First time experiences are always heightened for the exact reason one might imagine. It's new. It's a revelation. And not until we have absorbed it, processed it, and become accustomed to it do we start to take it apart and examine its core components.

There's nothing like new. 

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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