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We've been writing about big sweeping new ideas for listening rooms. The idea of building walls that actively change the way they interact with speaker systems, and I shared some ideas of how that might work. I would consider those grandiose ideas that fundamentally change the dynamics of what we consider "normal", but others might gloss over them as just "interesting noise." In any system, grand or otherwise, it is the details that matter most; the scale of change is relative only to our individual perspectives. For example, in the interview I did with designer Bascom King which you can watch here, BHK speaks of the fundamental differences between the sound of a FET vs. a more traditional bipolar junction, and then compares those to that of a vacuum tube. The short interview isn't as technical as it sounds (it's worth watching) and it's insightful to understand the choices designers like BHK make are, to them, huge decisions with major sonic impacts. Yet, to most listeners, they are merely minor details that add polish to designs. One person's fundamental change is another's minutiae. Funny how perspective changes our worldviews.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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