Fighting the good fight

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Fighting the good fight
It should be no surprise that 99.9% of the developed world has sound quality available to them that far exceeds anything they might hope for. And that quality sound is available from a several million title library. What an amazing time to be a music lover. Imagine back a mere 40 years ago telling your younger self that at the touch of a finger, you could enjoy any music at a quality level you might only dream of. That'd be right up there with self-driving cars and Dick Tracey wrist phones. Impossible! Yet, here we are and, of course, our reference levels of what's possible have been upgraded. Sound quality that 40 years ago would have put me over the moon doesn't interest me at all today. Not when I can have what's currently in Music Room 3. All this progress we enjoy comes from members of our small community fighting the good fight. As technology develops better means of recording, storage, and playback, it is up to us audiophiles to keep pushing forward the technological boundaries of what is possible. Supporting great recordings, upgrading our equipment, tweaking our systems until they blow us away. That's a fight worth fighting for.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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