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Today is a day of thanks in America; though it is not a holiday celebrated elsewhere. But as holidays go it is one of my favorites. I give thanks for my family, coworkers, friends, and music lovers around the world. I hope today finds you and yours in good health and spirit. You deserve both. Once a year we choose an essential component to offer at a reduced price—if only for a few days. This year the two most critical pieces of the system enjoy significant savings. In fact, the entire line of BHK electronics including the Signature preamp, Signature 250 stereo, and Signature 300 monoblock amplifiers are available at the lowest price we have ever offered. I am not alone in writing volumes on the importance of the amp and preamp as the core components in building a solid foundation. In fact, next to the loudspeaker, I cannot think of two more important elements. Sadly, the often ignored amp and preamp can't compete for attention with the whiz-bang DAC technology or the glitz of a shiny turntable—yet they are essential to passing music unmolested. Don't shortchange yourself or the music. This sale ends on Thursday, November 30th. These special prices are available in many countries and most of our dealers. If you're in the States, you have many options including our web store. Have fun!
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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