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The term "listener fatigue" is something we're all familiar with and something none of us want. What is listener fatigue, why does it occur and what is it we can do about it?

What's interesting to me about this subject is there are no measurements, no rules, no clear answers to the questions above. I love subjects like that because they drive the measurements-are-everything crowd berserk and, at the same time, have a similar affect on the Audiophile OCD crowd. Somewhere in the middle, as usual, we'll find some common ground.

As many of you know I am right in the middle of finishing the voicing and final touches to a new PS product, the PerfectWave Power Amplifier due out this summer. I thought it might be interesting to combine the two topics together as a means of getting a good dialog going between those of us that use technology in the service of making better sounding equipment - as judged by both listening and traditional measurements - and those of you that are clever enough to perhaps someday isolate and truly quantify what's going on.

Believing that if we can't measure something we hear, it doesn't exist, is silly. Believing we only need listening tools and ignore any attempt at isolating and measuring that which we hear, is short sighted.

Hopefully with a bit of open discussion and thoughts presented on the subject we could further the art and that, my friends, is a good thing.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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