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We've come so far in our quest for better sound. One wonders if there's more to be had? How much better can equipment get? Are we at the end of the technology line, where all that remains is a brighter gleam on an overly-polished object? I think not. In fact, if I were to step back and evaluate our progress in recreating the sound of live music in our homes I'd say we've only just scratched the surface. On occasion, we can be fooled into believing we're at the recording studio, or the live musical event or that real people are performing just for you. But, mostly not. We've a long way to go towards a convincing three-dimensional sound hologram. The goods news is we're close enough to taste what success might sound like. At times, tantalizingly close. From my observations, over the past 45 years, progress comes in gulps between long periods of polishing. Rub, rub, rub until it breaks and we mold a new one and the process starts over. I suggest we're standing on the precipice of the next big breakthrough. That within the next 5 years audio we will once again be yanked out of our footings, shaken up, and started anew. It's usually at the end of the line where the freshest beginnings are found. I've put together a bit of a video for you on this subject you can watch here.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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