Eggs and baskets

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Today's and yesterday's post seem egg and chicken centric. Apologies (especially to the chickens).

If we accept that everything in our system matters, then the obvious question has to center around resource allocation.

Even if perfect equipment were to exist, which it emphatically does not, few among us would be able to afford it.

Which is why I feel confident stating that systems are collections of compromises.

Tiefenbrun would have you place the fewest compromises in the beginning, finishing with what you can manage at the end. Others would suggest the opposite.

When we put a system together, we need to decide where to compromise what.

Which would give you greater clarity? A closely magnified object through a dirty lens, or a somewhat blurred object through a magnifier? The former, where we place our bets on the source, or the latter, where loudspeakers and amps reign supreme, are tough choices to make.

Putting what eggs you have in the right baskets is what building a dream system is all about.

I'll attempt to share some experiences with you tomorrow.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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