Dr. Seuss and HiFi

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Dr. Seuss and HiFi
When I was growing up, my father made his living selling telephone equipment for the company, Stromberg Carlson. While I had no interest in the company's telephones and intercoms, their short-lived foray into high-fidelity sound fascinated both my father and me. My Dad's home system was all Stromberg Carlson electronics, though the speakers were his own homebrew affair because he could never afford what he really wanted, a Labyrinth loudspeaker. I remember him lusting after the speaker but never knew (or remembered) much more until reader Tom Krehbiel jogged the old brain cells with this remarkable ad for the speaker. Don't you love it? "Wild tones live in radios," and this new speaker expunges them, so they never have to be tolerated in the home. What was the speaker's Wild Tone Eliminator? Best I can tell, it was a series of internal baffles used to eliminate standing waves and port problems. Designed by British-born engineer Leslie Bucknell, it reminds me of a type of transmission line, though upon closer examination, it appears to be focused entirely on standing wave elimination. Perhaps tomorrow, we will look at transmission lines.
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