Differing approaches

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Differing approaches

If two people are trying to get to the same destination but take differing routes, does it matter how they got there?

I suppose the answer has to include some boundaries. Getting somewhere at the expense of others and with little concern for what might turn out to be a trail of destruction is unacceptable. We might admire the politician or self-made billionaire until we find out they clawed their way to the top on the backs of their fellow human beings. Unacceptable.

Given that we follow rules of generosity and civility, if one person reaches the same conclusion as another by very different means—one by accepted convention, the other by unorthodox means—does one success invalidate the other?

Many of the greatest inventions and discoveries in the world were accidental: microwave, quinine, X-rays, penicillin, radioactivity, velcro, the pacemaker, insulin, vulcanized rubber, Teflon, Super Glue. These are but a few of the thousands of examples.

The point of the post is an attempt to pry open just a little the sometimes closed thoughts harbored by a few people who believe there are right and a wrong ways of going about things.

The truth is there are successful ways and unsuccessful ways. However one gets where they are heading without hurting society or those around them, that's the right way.

There is no wrong way.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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