Describing sound

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We can't accurately relay what we see, hear, or feel without a flurry of descriptive terms—and even then—the words only offer pale facsimiles. Imagine sharing the power of Beethoven's 9th symphony with only words.

The same is true when we attempt to share our experiences with sensory rich products like wine, or audio equipment. A description of a Chardonnay might read "Creamy and luscious with tropical fruit characteristics like banana and green melon followed by toasted bread and buttery popcorn". Of course, Chardonnay tastes nothing like cream, fruit, toasted bread, or buttery popcorn. But we get the idea.

An arm, cartridge combination might read "lush, fat, yet unfocused, where voices and massed strings struggle to pull themselves out of the noise and background confusion of the overripe presentation."

And again, how could a cartridge and arm be fat? or struggle to pull themselves out of something?

We do the best we can with words but I would advocate caution with literal interpretations.

Your mileage may vary.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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