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The name Count Basie is synonymous with big band jazz and few people interested in music haven't heard of him. My friend and fellow manufacturer, Sandy Gross, turned me on to a great 5-disc CD of Basie jazz and I just had to share. Count Basie, the complete Live at the Crescendo series is a value at normal pricing, but at $15.00 delivered to your door, it is a bargain ($3 a CD). Originally recorded over a two-month stint in June and July 1958 at the Crescendo, a Hollywood music venue on Sunset Boulevard (run by the late Gene Norman of GNP Crescendo Records), this live album is a superb recording considering its age. This is not the Basie band of Lester Young, Herschel Evans, and Buck Clayton, but still, the band is in great form. Basie's piano and Freddie Green's guitar come through the mix beautifully. And it is great to hear Joe Williams at the peak of his powers. If you're into this music you should grab this album. Hell, even if you're not into this music you should grab this album. It's just plain good music.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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