Cord cutting

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Cord cutting
I got close. Obsessed with the idea of joining the ranks of the Cord Cutters, I have found myself on the roof pointing antennas, buying boosters, and generally scraping my knuckles a whole bunch in this nutso distraction. Here's the deal. Terri and I watch very little television: the occasional live broadcast from PBS, a handful of select shows or movies on HBO, Netflix, or Apple. My bill from Comcast reflects the package I bought giving me access to hundreds of useless channels and sports we don't watch, internet, and HBO. For this privilege, we pay $200 a month. When I look at the numbers a subscription to Netfilx is $10, HBO $15, and PBS is covered by our annual donations. Aside from local television, which we don't watch, all I need is the internet. I found a great app for my Apple TV, Channels, and that was the last link in the chain of cutting the cord. Only, it's never that easy. Working my way through the Comcast website and flurry of popup boxes with eager online helpers ready to take more money gets stuck as soon as I try and actually do the opposite: lower my bill. Those online helpers scatter like leaves on a windy day. Next step is to take a number at the Comcast store and waste a good portion of my day. I know monopolies spend gazillions in building the infrastructure needed for connecting my home to the internet and for that they deserve my financial allegiance which they will get by supplying me the internet. I just wish they could do it with some semblance of customer service. Seems a smile and helping hand is expensive. If we treated our community the way cable companies do we'd not have a business. End of rant.
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Paul McGowan

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