Computer masquerade

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Computer masquerade

Despite all the years that have flown by since 1985, for many, the prospect of shifting from traditional mediums like CDs or vinyl to computer-based music still feels either daunting or uninteresting. 

One of the ways we tend to work around these limitations is to dress computers up in analog audio equipment chassis. There's an increasing array of devices that merge the look of classic audio equipment with the functionality and internals of dedicated computers: streamers, DACs, NAS, and integrateds come to mind.

Take our AirLens streamer as an example. On the outside it's a cool looking piece of audio equipment. On the inside it's essentially a power supply and small computer.

Of course, we all want our systems to have a familiar and appealing look that speaks to their functionality and intended purpose. A music player should look like a music player, not something you use to build Excel spreadsheets with. 

Still, it's the insides that count and, there, most of our modern digital audio products are basically computers.

We just don't want them to look like what they are.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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