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I wonder how many people feel a part of the High End Community, and how many participate only as a knowledge quest? There's an interesting distinction between the two incentives for knowledge. The first is motivated by a desire to integrate deeper into the tribe. The second relies on tribe member's knowledge base to further their quest. Both motivations are totally legit. It's sometimes helpful to separate the feelings of both. I own a Tivo. It's the simplest means of consolidating my television experience because I can be selective of what I watch. And I don't watch much. The new season of Downton Abbey launched this year on PBS and it's one of my favorites. I searched Tivo's database for Downton Abbey (silly me), to no avail. What the hell? I then had to search the Tivo Community forums for the answer. Turned out you have to search Masterpiece Classics instead. Now I can record every episode - which is better than paying Amazon $4 a copy a week later. But I don't want to be part of the Tivo Community. There's no interest for me–a serious movie nerd I am not. My quest was for specific knowledge and now that desire's been fulfilled. Over, done with. In the same way, I see people jumping onto our Community Forums and then they are gone. Others are regular members, contributing to the community, making it a richer place. Every community depends on both–contributors and consumers–and we are thankful for both.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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