Coal to Coltrane

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Coal to Coltrane
What is electricity? How is it generated? What does it do? Those most basic of questions have been asked for years and a much younger version of myself attempted to answer those questions in a video we produced called Coal to Coltrane. In this hourlong presentation, we go to great lengths to simplify the explanations of what can turn out to be a rather complex subject. It's a fun video that takes us all over the United States in search of answers. For a few years we gave away DVD copies of the movie in full 5-channel surround sound, but those are for the most part gone. Since many of my readers have probably never seen the movie I posted it for you on YouTube. You can click here to view it. When I look at my earlier self I have to cringe because of how damned old I look now. Yikes!
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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