Circus stereos

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Circus stereos

Is your system setup a circus or a naked exhibition? I've certainly seen both.

By circus I mean a cluster of well-intentioned objects intended to enhance the room's sonic performance. You've seen these sometimes magnificent temples: two speakers, a disparate equipment stack, a forest of traps, wall hangings, pucks, dots, and carefully placed shapes designed to reflect, reduce, and distract the sound from those speakers. For the most part, these are terrific sounding rooms, especially given all the effort that's gone into them. Perhaps this describes your room.

Then there's the minimalist's approach. The mostly empty room that sports a pair of speakers and a neat collection of gear. It is bereft of anything resembling sound modifiers. It relies instead on furniture, precise placement, and a lot of luck.

Finally, there's the middle ground like my system and perhaps yours: A decently dimensioned room with a few diffusers and a smattering of accouterments to coax out the best possible sound.

What's lovely about what we do is the variety in the mix. The amazing efforts we each go through and the many different paths to get where we hope to go.

Only passionate people care enough to work at making things great.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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