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We'll get back to speakers and crossovers tomorrow. I wanted to share with you a wonderful musical experience Terri and I had on 4th of July. We were invited to a friend's home in Lyons Colorado to watch "some live music". Little did I realize the live music was none other than Chuck Lamb, keyboardist with the Brubeck Brothers (sons of Dave Brubeck). I remember Chuck from The Chuck Lamb Trio and his collaboration with jazz vocalist Theano. No one can replace Dave Brubeck, but Chuck comes as close as anyone I've heard; he's brilliant in that same role with Brubeck's sons. What was truly fascinating to me was the venue; one I have often believed might become the new musical stage. Perhaps 50 music lovers gathered at the private residence, each bringing a bit of food to be shared. The host, Denny, is an excellent musician in his own right and organized the event. The ad hoc trio played for a couple of hours. Terri and I had front row seats, the sound amazing. At the end of the event a donation hat was passed, all the guests generously contributing for the evening's entertainment. Clearly the three musicians there out of a love of playing, the audience out of a love of listening. I have never been to a more intimate and musically satisfying event in my life. I wonder if this might just point towards the future of music and musicians earning a living doing what they love most. Of course I had to whip out my iPhone and record Chuck and the guys when Brubeck's signature piece Take 5 played, and I asked Chuck for permission to share it with you. I missed the middle bit, but most of it's there and what a treat! Check out the very beginning of the video, where he shares a great story of Dave Brubeck. Click here to enjoy.
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