Changing stripes

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People don't change, but circumstances do. It's always interesting to me when I hear someone wring their hands and point out that people aren't the way they used to be. They've changed. I think typical of what you might hear is something like this:

They no longer appreciate good music.

They're perfectly happy with MP3

The younger generation doesn't care about quality of anything

But of course we're the same people we have always been. Our circumstances have changed and so have we in response. Our daily lives are different than the lives of past generations. We have more choices and information than anyone could have ever imagined just ten years ago and the rate of change is exponential. Of course we're "different". The question we as an industry should be asking ourselves is, how do we fit in? How do we take advantage of this changing landscape? From my perspective, we're embracing all the new technology. We understand that people's desire to have a great listening experience in the home has never gone away - they just want it instantly and they want it so every member of the family can enjoy it as well. The days of the audio sanctuary are rapidly going away. The days of the high-end available anywhere anyone wants it are upon us. What are you doing to be a part of this change?
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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