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No, I am not changing from the State of Colorado to somewhere else. I am suggesting there may be more to upgrading equipment and process than just better sound. You might get treated to a change of state. When we make fundamental change more happens than might be obvious. We reach new levels of understanding and doors of opportunity open in areas we might not have been aware existed. This level of change is called a state change. An example in history is the printing press. In 1436 when Johannes Gutenberg and Andreas Heilmann built the first printing press the world couldn't have known what would come next. While it's obvious in hindsight that the introduction of the printing press turned the world upside down, it may not be so apparent why. The first books printed were copies of the Bible. Before the printing press bibles were rare and handwritten by scribes. There weren't many of them. As a consequence, there weren't many people who knew how to read. As soon as printed bibles spread throughout the western world literacy rates skyrocketed. Before long literate people wanted more than just bibles, and the Information Age began. The state change of unexpected consequences was the explosion of literacy. When you take a leap outside your comfort zone—moving from vinyl to digital, electrostats to dynamics, build a new listening room, etc.—you often experience a state change of unexpected consequences. And when this happens life gets better in ways we can neither predict nor appreciate until it happens. My love of subwoofers didn't occur until I stepped outside my comfort zone and ventured into the crystal clear (yet) anemic world of electrostats. The electrostats are long gone, but my state change to subwoofers has remained. My advice is simple. Justifying a hesitancy to take a big leap with today's facts and logic is meaningless. You can't know what cannot be known. Trust that big steps into unknown territory open wonderful vistas of state changes that enrich our lives.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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