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Sony has announced a renewed attempt at grabbing market share in the music business. This time in the form of players that play anything including high resolution. Their last attempt, SACD, was a great sounding medium but they shot themselves in the collective foot by being so restrictive and didn't have the chops to pull off a monopoly like they wanted. Their corporate history is littered with multiple attempts at monopolizing an industry, Blu Ray being their latest one. Who could forget the Betamax vs. VHS wars? Perhaps their outright purchase of several major motion picture studios will help them win the video format monopoly they are currently looking for. This latest attempt doesn't have the traditional markings of monopoly building and may, in fact, be a legitimate attempt at joining the marketplace and adding to high end audio rather than trying to take it over. Only time will tell. What's interesting to me is a trend they are pushing. "Don't worry about the format, just enjoy the music". They are trying to take the computer out of the experience. I think that's a great trend and will go a long way towards simplifying the experience of downloading any high resolution format and just enjoying the music without concern how it go there or what its technical aspects are. So do we really care about this? Are we, as Audiophiles, worried about losing touch with the different formats, choices, bit rates, sample rates, double this or single that? Well, are we?
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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