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I have long wanted to tackle this subject of burn-in. I am not prepared to suggest I have a lot to offer. Perhaps a dialog will open that might shed light on the subject so we can all learn.

Let's define terms first. By 'burn in' I am referring, specifically, to the process we Audiophiles use to improve the sound of our kit by leaving it on for hours, days, months. 'Warming Up' might be another term; yet this doesn't satisfy as it implies a short period of on-time, while 'burn in' suggests a much longer, more serious, dedicated effort to manipulate the sound by means of actual use. After all, nothing sounds better sitting in the closet collecting dust.

One point of discussion might center around the various external aids to help us accomplish our goals while burning in: test discs, cable stress amps, even a combination dummy load and computer operated input for power amplifiers.

Another point of discussion might include methodology: burn in with or without music? Under load, no load? Do the same rules apply to tubes as solid state? What of mechanical devices like CD players? What works best with loudspeakers?

And, of course, the classic questions we all ask: does it really do anything? Is it the listener or the equipment being affected? Technically, what's going on? Are we sacrificing the longevity of the equipment for our short term performance gains? Should you leave the equipment on 24/7? And once shut off, how long - if at all - do the effects of burn stay with the product?

Give some thought to some of these questions. Perhaps add some of your own. The comments section of the site works great and all discussions and suggestions appreciated.

I'll dive into some of the more obvious on my own.

Should prove to be interesting, certainly controversial if nothing else.

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