Brazilian Beasts

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Brazilian Beasts

I came close to visiting Brazil. With my suitcase packed and ticket in hand I approached the United Airlines counter with a great deal of excitement.

“You have your visa?”

Visa? Brazil? Who knew?

One day I am going to fix that but, in the meantime, the music of Brazil awaits.

Octave Record’s latest release is a killer. An exquisite recording in pure DSD.

Mini Brazilian Beasts

In her first album recorded in Pure DSD, Brazilian pianist Carmen Sandim is a master of storytelling through her thoughtfully-crafted piano melodies and sophisticated harmonic structures.

This is the best recording yet from Octave Records. The highs of the cymbals just shimmer through the room as if they were playing live. And her piano is in the room with you. In fact, so good is this recording that it’s the one I brought when Chris Brunhaver and I traveled the country to set up the FR30 loudspeakers. A perfect demo disc if ever there was one.

Killer recording by Colin Bricker, mixed by Kevin Lee, and mastered by Gus Skinas.

One sad note on the album. Track 4, Glen, is beautifully played by Blue Note Record’s recording star, trumpeter Ron Miles. During the recording session of Mini Brazilian Beasts, Ron was in the hospital and not doing well. He couldn’t bring himself to miss his commitment to perform on Carmen’s album and left the ICU to record Track 4. He died a few weeks later. This was Ron’s final performance.

Mini Brazilian Beasts is available right now in a limited run of an SACD, archival gold CD, or download.

This is one album you need for your collection.

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