Bozos and buses

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Bozos and buses

In 1971, the Firesign Theater launched their 4th and final album, I Think We're all Bozos On This Bus

By the time 1972 had arrived I had probably heard that album two dozen times. I am certain that if it weren't for the massive amounts of hash (and the occasional hit of acid) I ingested while listening, I could have repeated every line of the work by heart.

Aside from being hilarious, the work was also an eye opener. A game changer. Why? Because it reminded me we're all on this "bus" together, fumbling and groping our way through unknown territory.

Our bus is called life. 

I have never been 75 years old before. Still fumbling and tripping over myself without any instruction manual to guide me.

It's all new. Every day.

I remember the moment Terri and I left the hospital after the birth of our first child. Standing at the entrance to the hospital we asked the nurse, "are there any instructions? A pamphlet? Anything?"

She shook her head no and said, "you'll figure it out."

No kidding.

My view of the world keeps changing about as fast as the world around does the same thing.

We're all Bozos on this bus taking life one day at a time.


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