Bonding with machines

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We all bond with machines. No, I'm not getting kinky, but you know what I mean. We fall in love with the Marantz tuner, the power amplifier, a favorite DAC, computer, tool, camera, car, or stereo system. Somewhere along the line you've no doubt managed to bond with some inanimate object. It's a strange relationship yet we all understand how it feels and can relate to it.

For many years I had a real fondness for an HP 333A distortion analyzer. It put me in touch with the circuits I was designing at the time. It made them personal. It connected me in a way a more modern Audio Precision tool never could. Over time I moved my relationship to the Audio Precision and now could never go back. But that's the nature of relationships, isn't it? And then there were the loudspeakers I have loved, including my latest 'girl friend' the Infinity IRSV.

These bonds we share with our machines sometime seem no less real than those between animates.

What's your favorite bond with a machine?

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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