Boiling Down

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Boiling Down

Choices, choices, choices. Sometimes it seems a bit daunting when looking at the dizzying array of audio products from which to choose. There are literally hundreds of DACs and amplifiers to wade through before making a purchasing decision.

How do you get through the maze of choices to arrive at the one that fits your needs?

Well, the first step is to realize the clutter isn’t really that bad. It just looks bad at first glance. If you’ve narrowed your decision down to a price or performance range, you’re already miles ahead. There are only a few worth looking at within any one price range and we further narrow our choices once we add performance into the mix.

So, knowing what you want is a huge help to getting started. The real trick comes not from wading through myriads of choices, but the difficult task of selecting from the handful that remain. Here we need to rely upon our research, gut instinct, and our ears. Especially our ears.

In the end, we can easily boil choices down to just a few.

How they fit into a specific system is something only you can decide upon.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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