Bending with the crowd

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Sometimes we set the pace, other times we try and keep up.

Take MQA for example. As my readers know I've not been as big an advocate as others have. I have heard impressive demonstrations, but none that would make me run home and stop other engineering projects in its favor. Yet, it's important to enough people that it finally made it onto the engineering schedule.

We'll be launching both MQA and Tidal in a new, free, release of the Bridge II firmware in April. Owners of PWD, DirectStream, DirectStream Juniors (with Bridge II installed) will now be able to stream Tidal and decode MQA.

There will also be a new update for both Ted Smith designed DACs—DirectStream and DirectStream Junior. Ted's done some rather wonderful work on improving sound quality, yet again, and this is very exciting. A new mountaintop to name!

What truly excites me is the fact that with both products, our DACs and Network Bridge, we can transform both their functions as well as sound quality to thousands of owners through a free download.

Perhaps bending to the crowd is ok sometimes.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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