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Ok, I'll admit it - I am a Bassaholic and instead of trying to cure myself, I am most comfortable embracing and supporting my addiction. Yup, a system without deep, low and impressive bass isn't my cup of tea and as many of my reader know, I believe the only way to get the results I appreciate is with a subwoofer - built in or external - but I prefer external.

I was reading Cordesman's review of the new Thiel's in TAS this weekend and he remarked that the only people who might miss the lowest octaves of bass are those that listen to organ music - ok, I admit this as well - I listen to organ music and am unashamed!

For me deeply satisfying, well integrated bass is essential to the kind of music I listen to: from the bass drum whacks in the 4th movement of Mahler's first symphony, to the wild synthesizer rumblings from Ozric Tentacles Floating Seeds that just grab the entire listening room and shake it with such moving force that it makes me smile - anything less cannot be something I get excited about.

Poorly executed bass in a speaker system or poorly setup external subwoofers can ruin what could be an otherwise magical and moving experience in music.

I thought tomorrow we might once again take a fresh look at subwoofers, subwoofer setup and bass.

It'll be a deep subject. :)

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