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As our recording label Octave Records grows and we perfect our new state-of-the-art DSD256 capture and mix studio, the recordings we produce are significantly better with each release.

Imagine then how excited we are to have the trust and privilege in our new studio to spend a few weeks recording one of the musical legends of our time, Otis Taylor.

Taylor is the winner of five DownBeat awards and a member of music's hall of fame. His European and American tours are sold out before he even arrives, and if you've ever been to one of his shows you'll know why. 

His newest album, recorded exclusively in Octave's new DSD256 studio is called Banjo...

Banjo… features six new songs and six reworked versions of old favorites. The album embodies Taylor’s powerful musical style and unflinching lyrics. “This is not a ‘banjo’ album,” noted Taylor. “The banjo is just a name for the attitude. The history of the banjo follows the history of African Americans in this country, coming over on the slave ships with the banjo and playing in the fields, and playing the blues. I just report stories.”

On Banjo…, Otis Taylor sings and plays acoustic and electric guitars, acoustic and electric banjo, harmonica, and other instruments. He’s accompanied by his long-timeband mates: J.P Johnson (lead guitar), Nick Amodeo (electric bass, mandolin), Brian Juan (Hammond organ, piano, and Chuck Louden (drums). While tipping its hat to what’s gone before, Banjo… isn’t a standard 12-bar blues album – Taylor isn’t shy about letting a one-chord John Lee Hooker-style groove take hold, or use unconventional instrumentation, like the surprisingly effective Moog synthesizer on “Travel Guide” or the cellos (courtesy of guest musicians Beth Rosbach and Joseph Howe) that underpin“Little Willie.”

Great music recorded in Octave's state-of-the-art DSD256 studio.

Go here and grab a copy of this limited edition release today.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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