Audiophiles Vs. Music Lovers

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Audiophiles Vs. Music Lovers

We just love to apply labels to people and things. Puts them in neat little boxes we can shuffle around in our heads.

“Audiophiles are more interested in the gear while music lovers are more interested in the music.”

I am not sure that’s true in the same way most generalizations aren’t.

But still, we love our labels.

Here’s one from author Louis de Bernières sure to put a smile on your face: “A German plans a month in advance what his bowel movements will be at Easter, and the British plan everything in retrospect, so it always looks as though everything occurred as they intended. The French plan everything whilst appearing to be having a party, and the Spanish…well, God knows.”

There once was a time when audiophiles might have been so fascinated with the idea of stereo that they listened more to sound effects than music. At times we all have been guilty of paying a little too much attention to noises in the recording: a chair’s squeak, the hiss of an air conditioner, the conductor’s footfalls.

But let us not forget that regardless of what aspect of high-end audio floats our individual boats it’s the music that brings us together.

How’s that for a generalization?

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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