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I use plenty of Audiophile terminology in my writings. Lots. From time to time readers have asked me to define those terms as they apply to what we hear and what they mean to me when I write them. Perhaps it's time to start a bit of that and see where it leads us. The definitive source for these terms comes from the late J. Gordon Holt, founder of Stereophile, in his Audio Glossary. I have never seen an actual copy of this but I note Amazon has two originalsfor $103 each. I am sure it's a great reference piece for those so inclined. I use a very truncated set of Audiophile terms, relative to the available list, because using too many terms dilutes the effectiveness of terms in general. Words, phrases and symbols generate meaning for those of us willing to involve ourselves with them. When I say "airy" in reference to how something sounds, most of us instantly get a mental picture of light, open, spacious, contained within a big space with lots of air. This is the sort of meaning and instant communication we need to preserve, never abuse and certainly try not to overuse or throw around for effect. Words are precious because they bring instant mental images of complex concepts to our understanding. I am unhappy when they are abused or misused. Tomorrow we'll explore a few of these words if the subject continues to of interest to you.
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