Attention all Propeller Heads

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I write a lot about audible differences and in those writings there are opinions and theories as to why certain aspects of what we do have audible effects. Understanding the why and wherefores of what makes something sound better is important and whenever we can actually measure those changes it's a great help to our design efforts. But many times we design on faith and our ears. That practice infuriates our friendly propeller heads. They demand scientific proof before they will even consider the possibility of accepting the changes we hear are real. Which has never made sense to me and thwarts forward progress in perfecting the art. Here's a link to an hour-long videothat should delight both camps: those that never question the tiniest of change they hear vs. those that refuse to accept what they hear unless it can be measured. The video was recommended to me by my friend Arnie and it is a presentation at the last RMAF by the CTO of ESS. No, we don't use ESS, but it doesn't matter and that's not the point. The point is he explains much about why perfect measuring DACS sound differently and what some of the mechanisms involved are. Simple, non technical. He's a very engaging speaker. What struck me in particular about the presentation is their willingness to accept what people hear despite the fact they can "prove" they shouldn't be able to hear it. This exemplifies the attitude that leads to discovery rather than an argument amongst music lovers.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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