Are we crazy?

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Are we crazy?
I have been asked so many times whether or not I am crazy that those questions not only roll off my back like water and ducks, but I have become convinced it is true. I would perhaps prefer the word obsessed to crazy but then what difference would it make? In any hobby or passionate pursuit, there's a crazy amount of energy expended in reaching for a goal. Who wouldn't think it crazy to build subwoofers in cars so loud they can only be measured outside the vehicle? Anyone inside would be dead. Yet, to subwoofer aficionados the louder the better even if it is unusable. Are we crazy to want the best sounding stereo systems possible? To work hard and spend money on digging deeper into the music? Uncover what's missing? Be blown away by how something sounds? Yes! Thankfully, we're all nuts. And I love it.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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