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Mark Lewis our resident Brit working in our sales department and helping me with the Reference system installed a pair of Anthony Gallo Strada loudspeakers for me to hear - having never heard a pair. He's really quite enamored with these odd looking loudspeakers and for good reason.

I gave a listen and was amazed - the tonality, presence and imaging were quite good but what really amazed me was the low frequency extension. Unbelievable from such a small package - and so good that I was really taken with what I heard.

I reported the same to mark who sheepishly made mention that "of course" the Martin Logan Descent subwoofers were activated because the Gallos don't have any real bass.


I've written about the importance of bass before in these posts but I continue to come back to the same conclusion: regardless of what loudspeaker pair you have chances are good you need a subwoofer.

That is if you want to be amazed.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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