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I spent Saturday morning reading the January issue of England's Hi Fi Plus magazine. I was enticed by the cover's promise of 'Music being reinvented in the home'. This miracle to be performed by England's Naim Audio, in a product called Mu-So. I was kind of excited to learn how they reinvented music for my home with this monolithic block. After reading the article I realized it's similar to the B&W A7; a high end Sonos. Not quite what I was expecting from the headline on the cover. Don't get me wrong. I like the A7 and I am pretty certain I would like the Mu-So... although the name is just 'So-So'. I'd consider having either in my home if I didn't already have Sprout. But game changing? I felt letdown after reading the headline. Perhaps it wasn't targeting me, an old industry salt. And perhaps some of the letdown came from RMAF which had built up my expectation level. Why? At that show Naim had shown a pair of the sexiest looking monoblock power amplifiers these eyes had ever seen. Gorgeous black monolith towers designed as if to fit the movie 2001 a Space Odyssey. Naim was clearly on a roll. My hopes were high. I do hope someone reinvents the way music is delivered in home for real. That'd be cool.
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Paul McGowan

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