A true treasure

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A true treasure
Sometimes our memories of great experiences are rose colored. We forget the bad parts and seem to focus on the good parts. Memories are like that. Yet, sometimes it's the opposite. Sometimes we forget just how great something was and once relived, all those wonderful emotions and experiences come rushing back. I recently pulled out from the archives a few of the vinyls I kept. In particular the Sheffield Labs Lincoln Mayorga and Distinguished Colleagues series. OMG. I had a very fond memory from back in the 1970s of being gobsmacked by the recording's impact. The thwack of the kick drum, the clarity of the piano. In particular, Steve Wonder's composition You Are The Sunshine Of My Life. What a recording! Listening again to this direct-to-disc beauty I realized I had forgotten two things: the magnitude of the recording's perfection and how the music never resonated with me. I think that was the first time I figured out the reason I was listening was entirely the recording, which led me to purchase other recordings that were maybe not the best musically but the sound.... oh the sound... Now, Mayorga's performance is excellent. Professional all the way. It's just not my style. But style or no style, it's one heck of a great work of art. A true treasure.
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Paul McGowan

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