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Before we get into today's post I wanted to let my USA readers know of a program worth watching. Soundbreaking. It is an eight-part series that airs on Wednesday nights on PBS. I rarely have time for TV, but this is worth it. We've been plugging along on our story of achieving neutrality in an efficient and affordable power amplifier through class D means. I had mentioned yesterday that with enough tricks up your sleeve you can tame the problems common to this technology. What you're left with (if you've done it right) is a neutral sounding power output stage, neither great nor bad. An accurate representation of the word neutral. Many in our industry would be happy with neutral: never adding nor subtracting from its starting point. That's like saying tofu is the perfect food because it has no taste. Ugh. The sonic magic of a hybrid comes from the amalgam of two or more elements. In the case of our new affordable Stellar power amplifier that magic comes from what we call the Analog Cell. The Analog Cell is Class A, of course, MOSFET too, but built to preserve music's richness without losing a drop, passing it along to the output stage so loudspeakers come alive. It's quite an achievement. One I like to think of it as a new class of amplifier. Class AD. I'll write more on the subject as we near the beta launch this January.
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