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Today is Earth Day. Go plant something, be kind to our mother we depend upon for everything in our lives. For me, for you, for us. Thanks. And another reminder. If you're interested in getting your reservation in for a hand-signed BHK preamp from the first batch–we've only a limited number available–go here and grab one before they're all spoken for. If you're outside the US please contact your local dealer or distributor and we'll do what we can if they're not already gone. Over the hundreds upon hundreds of systems I have listened to over many decades one thing has stood out for me. Each system had been optimized for one source of music playback and, in every case, that source sounded best: tape, vinyl, digital, live (like in a studio). The only consistent observation was that only one source sounded best and the second source inevitably sounded worse. Put in simpler terms, every vinyl-centric system outshone the digital second source. Every digital-centric system outshone the vinyl source. And in every case, the one source dominating the other had been the primary set up source. It occurs to me this observation may explain one of the reasons we have such wildly varying opinions on the subject of which medium is best. Turns out, at least in my mind, the best medium is the one you set the system up with. If vinyl, then that will always sound best, digital worse. And the opposite is true. In all my years of listening I have never heard any system where both mediums sound best - or even comparable. Granted I haven't heard all systems, but I've heard a fair share. Let's put to rest the debate till another time and agree that each of us has irrefutable proof our sources sound best–and we wouldn't be wrong. But - and here's where we're likely to disagree - because our primary source–the source we set up the system with–digital or vinyl–sounds best does not mean it is the best. Those of you waving one flag or another, me included, take a deep breath and realize it works best for you - and understand why.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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