How to install a Soloist in-wall conditioner

Written by Paul McGowan

The PS Audio Soloist is the world's first in-wall power conditioner offering full AC filtering, surge and spike protection. The product line has been discontinued. They are not difficult to install and can make a world of improvement. Installing and testing the PS Soloist The PS Soloist is a 15 amp receptacle designed to be mounted inside a deep double J-box. A double J-box is a two receptacle wide junction box. The PS Soloist provides AC cleaning and surge and spike protection to connected equipment. Make sure you understand basic wiring principals and techniques. Make sure you can interpret wiring diagrams and have circuit wiring experience. Please consult a qualified electrician with any questions or concerns. Soloistb wiring diagram1. Turn the power OFF Plug an electrical device such as a lamp or radio, into the receptacle on which you are working. Turn the lamp or radio on and verify it has power. Then, go to the electrical service panel. Find the breaker or fuse that protects that receptacle. Place the breaker in the OFF position or completely remove the fuse. The lamp or radio must turn off. Next, plug in and turn ON the lamp or radio at the receptacle's other outlet to make sure the power's off at both outlets. If the power is not OFF, stop work and call an electrician to complete the installation. 2. Identify the cables or wires. Important: DO NOT install the Soloist receptacle in an electrical box containing (a) more than four (4) wires (not including the ground wires) or (b) cables with more than two (2) wires (not including the ground wire). Contact a qualified electrician if either (a) or (b) are true. If you are replacing an old receptacle or electrical device, pull it out of the electrical box without disconnecting the wires. Once removed, disconnect the wires so you have easy access to them. 3. Important wiring information When making connections, follow the recommended strip lengths and combinations for the supplied wire connectors. NOTE: Wire connectors provided are suitable for copper wire only. Do not use aluminum wire. 4. Wiring the Soloist Strip insulation 1/2 Connect the green ground wire of the Soloist to the green or bare copper ground wire in the wall box. Connect the black Soloist wire to the black wire removed from the existing receptacle. If there are two black wires in the existing installation, tie these together with the black wire of the Soloist. Connect the white Soloist wire to the white wire removed from the existing receptacle. If there are two white wires in the existing installation, tie these together with the white wire of the Soloist. 5. Mounting the Soloist to wallbox Form the connected wires carefully into the wall box. Mount and align the soloist with the screw holes and affi x using the supplied screws. 6. Turn on power Turn on the power reversing the procedure used to turn off the power. Test for power using the radio or light previously used to test. The LED on the front of the Soloist should be lit. The protection LED indicates the surge and spike protection is working and power is applied to the Soloist receptacle. Technical assistance If you have questions concerning the installation or operation of this product, contact PS Power technical support at or via phone at 720-406-8946 or consult with a qualified electrician.
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